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Activated Charcoal Soap



This is the whole reason we started this endeavor. The no frills, all natural, unscented, activated charcoal soap that we hope will help prevent cancer in firefighters. It is our most basic bar. It’s nothing but olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, activated charcoal, and finally sodium hydroxide (lye) to turn all the other ingredients into soap. It has NO fillers, NO scents, and most importantly of all, NO industrial chemicals. This soap is made from the same ingredients that they have been making all natural soap for thousands of years.  It produces a luxurious lather that hydrates your skin while the activated charcoal strips away the unwanted toxins from the 84,000 chemicals that firefighters are exposed to during a single house fire.  It doesn’t make any sense to expose yourself to deadly carcinogens only to return to the fire station, and mix them with other chemicals that are designed to make big soap company more profitable instead of you healthier. Try a bar, and see the what a difference a real bar of soap can make.


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