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Firefighter Soap was founded to combat the increasing number of firefighters who are contracting cancer. We believe that decontaminating yourself from the toxins found in today’s fires is crucial. Activated charcoal has been shown to trap and remove toxins from the body, and that is precisely why we use it in our soap.

As an added benefit we don’t use any chemicals in our soap other than the Lye used to turn the natural oils into soap. We leave some of the oils unconverted into soap to nourish, and hydrate your skin. Try a bar of real, handmade, all natural soap, and see what a difference it makes for your skins health. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund the entire purchase price. That’s our guarantee. Stay healthy.

The Mission: Educate Firefighters on the elevated risk of cancer due to the toxins when fighting fires and end it.

Risk of Cancer

0 %
More likely to get cancer over general public.
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Of Firefighters will get cancer.

The Facts

In the fire environment, every 5 degrees increase in body heat can increase skin absorption of chemicals by 400%

Consumer goods are increasingly made of synthetic materials

When synthetic materials burn, it gives off carcinogens. These carcinogens are driving the high cancer rates among first responders.

Understand the Facts

The association between firefighting and a greater cancer risk

Firefighters have a higher risk of multiple myeloma, and possibly a greater risk of contracting non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate, and testicular cancers.

as they call it

According to the International Association of Fire Fighters, about 60 percent of career firefighters will die from cancer.

There’s a misconception that only the firefighters who responded to the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 risk developing cancer, because of their exposure to asbestos and jet fuel. But in fact, cancer threatens firefighters everywhere, every day.

Toxic Soup of Carcinogens

A century ago, we furnished our houses with wood, cloth, metal, and glass. Today, it’s plastics, foams, and coatings.

The cancer rates are being driven up, researchers believe, by chemicals that lace the smoke and soot inside burning buildings. Consumer goods are increasingly manufactured using synthetic materials, and fires are more toxic as a result.

Fire is fast
Our Soap is faster

We design our Soap to assist in the removal of soot, smoke, and carcinogens found in fires. The bar is all natural soap that contains a fine layer of pumice for gently scrubbing the skin.

Our Activated Charcoal Soap

This is the whole reason we started this endeavor. The no frills, all natural, unscented, activated charcoal soap that we hope will help prevent cancer in firefighters.

The All Natural Essential Oil Soap

This all natural soap is made the same way that our signature Charcoal Soap is made, but with some “extras” thrown in for when you just need to get clean at home, and not after a house fire.

The All Natural Soap WIth Fragrance Oil

This is an all natural soap that has a fragrance oil added for fragrance that is not an essential oil. Great for those looking for a particular scent.

Firefighters Call for Action

When a firefighter enters a structure fire, we’re surrounded by a haze of cancer-causing toxins, including those contained in a chemical flame retardant. When they burn, these chemicals can combine to form even more toxic compounds. They seep into our protective clothing, they penetrate our breathing apparatus, and even create secondary exposures back at the station.

One of the most important actions that we could take is have the lawmakers work with manufacturers in preventing them from putting the chemical flame retardants into the manufacturing process.

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Fire Fighter Soap


Fire rescue teams are being exposed to more cancer causing toxins than ever before. Our Mission is to help End it.

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